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Guidelines for Wearing White

Definition of Wearing White

A member wearing white should wear a white dress, or a white suit jacket and skirt, or a white blouse and skirt. White clothing should be considered as ‘business attire.’ Dress slacks may be worn with approval.

A member wearing white must wear white shoes; no flip flop sandals.

White nylons should NOT be worn. If nylons are worn, they must be nude or your flesh/skin tone.

A member wearing white may not wear shorts or capris.

A member wearing white may wear jewelry (but not with a robe). Please refer to Robe Protocol.


The wearing of white on formal occasions is a lovely tradition. It helps us to be more visible at parish and community functions. Wearing white compliments formal ceremonies such as a reception of new members or the institution of a new court.

However, the wearing of white is not mandatory at most events. It may be detrimental to recruitment and attendance at CDA functions. Many women cannot afford the extra expense, and some feel uncomfortable wearing white (especially in the winter months).

We must ensure that all women know that ‘what we wear’ is secondary to ‘who we are’. Unity is a condition of harmony and we must present a sincere welcoming spirit. No one should feel left out of a CDA function because she isn’t wearing white.


White is Not Required but Suggested:

White is Not Required at the Following:

Note:   If your court/district is hosting an activity such as an anniversary or Corporate Communion, and you would like to wear white, please feel free to do so. However, the court members should have the opportunity to vote on the issue. Please inform your national, state, and local guests that you will be wearing white in the invitation giving them the opportunity to participate. Wearing white will be your guests' choice.