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Memorial Mass Scholarship Fund

Texas State Court
Memorial Mass Enrollment
Scholarship Fund

The Memorial Scholarship Fund is a State Project that has a two-fold program to aid in higher education of members and family members of Texas Catholic Daughters. Texas CDA developed the project to:

The Texas State Court Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 1980 as a tribute to the living and deceased Past State Regents of Texas. This project is funded from contributions made by local courts, individual members, and specified donations. Bereavement, anniversaries, get well, birthday, and new baby greetings are excellent ways to share prayerful thoughts while providing the support of higher education to our members and family graduating seniors.

  1. For a minimum of $2.50, an individual member or court may enroll an individual or a group; living or deceased. A Mass Enrollment provides their being remembered for the period of one year in the Holy Mass offered the first Friday of each month by the current State Chaplain. This equates to less than 21 cents per Mass.

  2. The monies generated from this project are dispersed in scholarships to graduating high school seniors. The only requirement for your court to submit an application to this program is that your court must make contributions to the fund, a minimum of $50 per year

Monies collected from April 1 to March 31 of the following year will determine the amount and number of scholarships to be awarded.

With the funds raised from donations to Memorial Mass Enrollments, the Catholic Daughters of Texas have facilitated many students to reach their educational goals.

Scholarship Contest Requirements

The local court regent must be familiar with the current year guidelines, theme, and deadline dates to ensure that the youth/scholarship chairman carries out her duties. She should also empower her chairman with current information; provide her with the forms found in the current Regent’s Resource Packet, explain the importance of the program, the guidelines, deadlines, and distribute applications to all the students who are eligible to apply for a scholarship. All current guidelines, theme, deadlines, and application forms may be found on the website under FORMS or by clicking here

The Memorial Scholarship Contest is open to all Texas courts that actively participate in the program. It is an annual contest and all chairmen should be familiar with all current guidelines and deadlines.

Mass enrollment forms should be submitted monthly with a court check. The enrollment forms may be copied. Additional Mass Enrollment cards may be requested from the current Second Vice State Regent.

Checks for all scholarships are made payable to the institution of the recipient's choice. The scholarships will be awarded by April 30th annually. All applications must be submitted to the State Chairman by January 30 each year. The institution's name and address for registration in the fall must be submitted by the annual July 1 deadline.