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The Diamond Anniversary

The Diamond Anniversary Texas CDA History Book

“A Journey of Unity and Charity in the Lone Star State”
by Terrie Vacek, April 2017

This 145-page book contains the legacy of the Catholic Daughters from 1903 right throughout the next eleven decades.

The book is an act of love produced in grateful memory of all deceased and living past state regents and chaplains of Texas. It honors every living and deceased woman who said “yes” to the invitation of loving others through her membership in the Catholic Daughters of the Americas® local courts across the great state of Texas.

The Book may be purchased for $15.00


Terri Beltran, State Secretary
P.O. Box 407
El Campo, TX 77437-0407


The preservation of history and traditions in this Centennial Diamond Issue highlight the dreams, hope, struggles, and blessings from our beginnings to the present. God has manifested Himself in and through the membership of Texas with their acts of love. The beacon of light that guided thirty-four (34) charter members in forming the Mother Court of Texas on November 28, 1909 and the eleven delegates forming the Texas State Court on January 25, 1917, is the same light that illuminates the pathway for 18,000 Texas Catholic Daughters in 2017 as we now celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Texas State Court.

I sincerely appreciate the time and attention our Past State Regents, CDA families, and the members of our local courts have given to me for the success of this book, and for providing historical photos and quotes. I extend my deepest gratitude to State Regent Eve Trevino for the privilege and opportunity to provide Texas CDA members a legacy document displaying the rich heritage of our past while keeping alive the memory of women who made our Order a valued ministry, who made us laugh, cry, and move to be the best version of who God created us to be.

Our success is not all about how wide we spread our wings, it’s how deep we penetrate our love into the darkness and trials of today’s changing tide; the era of entitlement, tolerance and a numbness to sin. CDA members have responded to a higher calling; our sisters will never let society limit our vision or re-define our mission. Texas has led the way in the past, our present, and shall continue into our future. Just as the pioneer women of 1909 saw no obstacles too big to deal with, we know that CDA sisters will turn the corner, embrace the call, and pursue opportunities with the Holy Spirit guiding each step. The story continues; may His light shine brightly in Texas CDA for another 100 years. May we always remember Eve’s theme, “With God, all things are possible!” Terrie Vacek, Editor, Texas State Public Relations and State Website Chair 2007-2013, 2015-2017