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Coalition for Life - Blue Bus

Baby Blue has arrived!

This new Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Center
has now joined our Big Blue Bus in offering
help to girls who are facing a crisis pregnancy!

The Houston Coalition for Life is a 501c(3) organization which represents dozens of Houston area churches and thousands of individuals dedicated to ending abortion in Houston.

A community that loves, respects, and protects every human life from conception until natural death.

Ending abortion in Houston... peacefully and prayerfully.

The Coalition for Life (in Bryan College Station) was born in 1998 when Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas announced it would build an abortion facility in Bryan-College Station. Since that time, Christians have worked together to lovingly and effectively offer women and men better choices. Today, thousands of individuals are working to end abortion in Houston and the effort continues to spread across Southeast Texas!

In 2002, Helen, a student from Aggie Land, brought the peaceful and effective strategies she learned from Coalition for Life to help end Planned Parenthood's harmful influence in Houston! Prolifers, who had been praying on the sidewalk in front of the abortion facility, rallied with this new organization: Houston Coalition for Life. The new 501(c)3 helped groups and individuals coordinate a collaborative prayer presence outside Planned Parenthood abortion facility and offer assistance to the girls, meeting them right there on the sidewalk. Houston Coalition for Life also offered sidewalk counselor training and up-to-date life affirming resources for both the prayer warriors and the girls facing a crisis pregnancy. Houston Coalition for Life asks individuals to stand with them in the gap and offer assistance to these girls at that last minute to let them know they are not alone. We hope and pray that each girl will choose life for her unborn child and be protected from the tragedy of abortion!

In 2005, Houston Coalition for Life was delighted to welcome Christine Melchor as the new Executive Director. Christine had been involved with the prolife movement in the Houston Area since 1980. She started the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants within the Archdiocese of Galveston Houston in 1985 and was the President until taking on the position of Executive Director of Houston Coalition for Life.

Conscious of the great power of prayer, the Houston Coalition for Life continues to maintain a peaceful and prayerful presence coupled with sidewalk counseling at Planned Parenthood's abortion facility in Houston.

We also maintain and run two mobile crisis pregnancy centers. In February, 2011 the Big Blue Bus began offering free pregnancy tests and free ultrasounds and Christian Counseling outside the huge Planned Parenthood on I45. The Big Blue Bus is now parked six days a week next to this Planned Parenthood.

As of November 2014, Baby Blue, a renovated RV, travels to park near other abortion facilities and offers these same services in hopes that girls, who are tempted to abort, will choose life for their children.

The focus of Houston Coalition activities remain on addressing the Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast, the largest abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere. By praying for and lovingly offering alternatives to mothers approaching Planned Parenthood, both mother and child can be spared the exploitation and horror of abortion.

Numbers from the Big Blue Bus:

- See more by clicking here. At Houston Coalition for Life, we believe the abortion battle is a spiritual one.

And for a spiritual battle, you need spiritual leadership, prayer warriors, and volunteers. Houston Coalition for Life is offering an opportunity to share in our life-saving efforts with our mobile crisis pregnancy center (bus) where we provide free pregnancy tests and free ultrasounds to pregnant women. Parked at Planned Parenthood in Houston TX, the largest late-term abortion clinic in this hemisphere, we have had more than 5,000 visits to our mobile CPC since March 2011. Some are pregnant, some are not and some are just curious. In every case, they hear the word of life.

Now, you can share this good news and give a gift that will save lives. Our goal is to have our bus parked next to Planned Parenthood every day they are open. The daily operational cost of our bus is $250, and sponsoring a day is a unique way to honor your loved ones, both living and deceased.

We will send an acknowledgement to your gift recipient or their family and invite them to visit our bus. Both recipient and giver will receive a report of activity for the month of their gift.

The recipient’s name will be placed in a special framed picture on our bus on the day they are being honored.

This is a beautiful gift for your pastor or other clergy who may not know about our life-saving work. It is also a gift for any dear friend or loved one that can be purchased as a group or by individuals. But, in any case, it is a gift that tells of your love for the unborn and your gratitude for the gift of life.

Please join us and see our new location

Blue Blossom Pregnancy Center
3933 North Main St.
Houston TX 77009