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Building the Church, One Vocation at a Time

The Laboure Society encourages vocations to religious communities. They have financially helped aspirants who wish to enter a religious community. Sixty-five percent of their clients have been women who are unable to enter religious formation programs because of a financial impediment. Donations from CDA will help to make their vocation become a reality. St. Catherine Laboure is the patroness of this society.

A vocation is a precious gift. It’s a sign God has chosen you in a more particular way to assist in salvation – to heroically sacrifice your time and energy to make the world a better place through prayer, love and charity.

Mission - The Labouré Society exists to provide financial assistance and spiritual support to individuals who must resolve student loans in order to pursue a vocation to the priesthood and/or religious life in the Catholic Church.

History - Upon discovering that most dioceses and religious communities require Aspirants to be debt free before entering formation, Minnesota businessman Cy Laurent began assisting Aspirants with debt resolution – primarily in the form of student loans. It was simply unacceptable to Laurent that vocations were being delayed indefinitely and even abandoned because of these impediments; especially considering the heartfelt prayers for vocations offered by individuals and communities for decades!

Drawing from his twenty-plus years of experience in Fortune 500 companies and his twenty-five years as an entrepreneur, Cy Laurent began working with others toward assisting this population, which he expected could be quite a few. Laurent soon realized that the number would likely be many hundreds and that raising funds from family and friends would not be enough. Seeing the pressing need for a charitable society to accomplish so great a work, Laurent and Mike Smeby of University Bank in Saint Paul, MN established The Labouré Society as a 501 (c) (3), becoming operational in 2003. In 2015, the Labouré Society was approved for inclusion in the Kenedy Directory, the official directory of the Catholic Church.

Laurent is convinced that “a ‘springtime’ of these vocations is at hand” and that “assisting them through the Society presents an eternal return-on-investment opportunity with 100% tax deductibility.” Founder Cy Laurent continues his work for The Labouré Society as Executive Director.
You can contact Labouré at 651-212-4977.